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Charleston’s Top Restaurant Interior Designer

Charleston restaurant design is a focus at MB Within, with a proven track record in the industry.

We design integrated hospitality concepts that deliver transformative guest experiences. We’ve built a reputation for concept-driven spaces that resonate with guests because every element relates to a central narrative. Our process focuses on the principles of hospitable thinking to address the entire guest experience from a human-centered perspective. Our Charleston restaurant design portfolio includes restaurants, bars, hotels & retail projects from New York to SC.

What does a restaurant interior designer do?

When opening a cafe, restaurant, or bar, you need to be prepared for competition. Dozens of new establishments are closing & opening every day all over the world, and the priority becomes grabbing the customers attention.

In this race, the winners are usually establishments where every detail is carefully thought out. This applies not only to the menu, location, and way of promotion but also to the design & function of the space.

The restaurant interior designer takes care of all the necessary elements to make the restaurant stand out from the crowd.

Charleston Restaurant Interior Designer
Charleston Restaurant Interior Designer

“Local Designer Has Deep Daniel Island Roots”

“Born in Anderson, South Carolina, Mollie is a true grit.
Interior designer Mollie Bean, could be considered a homegrown historian for Daniel Island. As a young girl Bean remembers her father, architect Chris McCarthy, bringing her to Daniel Island to hunt. We would go turkey hunting in the marsh, likely where my house now stands. Back-roading really, as there were only some dirt paths that led to fields, Bean said.

After spending 13 years in New York City, Bean decided to return to Daniel Island over 5 years ago and raise her family. In 2017, she started a successful interior design business, MB Within.

Previously she was a project manager for a high end Architecture firm in NY. She is able to mesh all aspects of her previous experience and design to have a seamless outcome.

For more information about MB Within, follow www.facebook.com/mbwithinmollie or visit www.mbwithin.com“. 

Charleston Restaurant Interior Designer
Charleston Restaurant Interior Designer
Charleston Restaurant Interior Designer
Charleston Restaurant Interior Designer
Charleston Restaurant Interior Designer
Charleston Restaurant Interior Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the interior of a restaurant important?

If you want to remain competitive and relevant in the ever-evolving market, it’s time we strategize and position your restaurant so it does not fall behind and feel outdated against the new restaurant design trends.

What makes a good restaurant design?

We are passionate about creating innovative spaces. Creativity and efficiency are what we bring to the table. We are passionate about creating an experience for your clients by reinforcing the restaurant’s culinary vision and restaurateurs’ inspiration.

How much does it cost to have an interior restaurant designed?

To design a restaurant it starts with a consultation. Here we go over direction, timelines and budget.  We lay out the course for the project and begin talking with the building owners/ developers to see how we can bring your vision to life. Restaurant design generally takes about 250 hours from start to final install. There is so much work that goes into the details. That is why the interior of a restaurant is important.



What is considered in the decor of a restaurant? At MB Within, for restaurant design, we consider how a client moves through the space, what type of client is served here, how long do they stay, what kind of experience we want them to have.


Why is the interior of the restaurant important?  We are here to create the space you envision, we spec hundreds of items for restaurants so you can free up your time. We work within budgets and create bid sets of plans, so you can then hand everything over to your contractor. 


Questions? Schedule a Call

This is our time to talk about your project needs & see where we can fill in the gaps. Please use the calendar to schedule your complimentary 15 minute call with our lead designer, Mollie Bean of MB Within.

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