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full scale interior design

From cutting edge renderings to redesign/ renovation  & functional planning, there is a delicate dance between visual impact and the way you live.   We will provide live schedules &  weekly updates to make sure our clients are aware of the project status, every step of the way. Let us bring your bespoke interior design to life.

Commercial Interior Design & Restaurant Design

Elevate your visibility, express your brand and take your clientele to another level with the help of our highly skilled team that manages your project from start to finish.  We will bring your upscale resaurant design or hospitality project to life.

Project Management

MB WITHIN’s Interior Design Services include highly experienced project managers handle your custom home design project from start to finish. We will manage purchasing, delivery, installation and on-site visits for trades and contractors. We will provide live schedules &  weekly updates to make sure our clients are aware of the project status, every step of the way.

E- Design


Luxury interior design packages for both the client that is out of state or a client that prefers virtual meetings. 

interior design packages

Restaurant Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Mollie Bean - Charleston Interior Designer - MB WITHIN

Interior Design Services with Mollie Bean, Lead Designer

You can be involved as little or as much as you would like. 

Click here to set up your in-home or in-commercial space consultation with the team at MB WITHIN. During this appointment, we ask you to walk us through your space so that we can offer you ideas to elevate your space, we offer solutions and a preliminary direction for your project.

Here we discuss our interior design services, time frame, and how to design for your dream home/ commercial space. This consult begins the process of working together or it can be used as one-time visit for to solve a design dilemma. From here we will leave you with a clear project scope and we can begin working on budget estimations. This appointment is up to 2 hours. Ask away!

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