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Mollie Bean — LEED certified designer

MB WITHIN is the area’s only LEED-certified designer and award-winning workroom, professional Interior Design studio that offers services and educational resources to increase profits and save time. Led by Mollie Bean, MB WITHIN creates the spacious residential and commercial interiors of fortune 500 CEOs and professionals across Charleston, NYC, & luxurious design across the globe.

Mollie is knowledgeable about and involved in every aspect of remodeling.  From drawing plans to managing contractors to overseeing the design and construction details.  She is a commercial & residential designer, kitchen and bath and space planning expert, known for attention to detail and her outstanding customer service. Client use words like amazing, talented, unique, accomplished, and artistic to describe her. She is fully involved within every company project, participating in all client meetings.  “We strive to make the project less stressful for the client.”

By hiring MB WITHIN, our clients avoid costly mistakes and enhance the value and resale value of the properties we work on.  When Mollie was a young girl she would watch her Father, a local Charleston Architect, draw plans into the early morning hours of the day. Growing up on job sites with her Father, watching whole houses and businesses being built from the ground up, was fascinating to her. She often found herself deep in conversation with the contractors asking detailed questions on the how’s and why’s of building.

Mollie was born in Anderson, SC and grew up between NY and Charleston. She studied Pre-Med, Chemistry, Acupuncture in NYC & resided in NYC for over 13 years. After having children, Mollie went back to get another degree in Interior Design in NY.   Mollie’s yearning for learning and culture led her to travel the world extensively.  These travels have impacted style, plus her finger on the NYC pulse & Mollie’s rich history in Historic Charleston Architecture has formed Mollie into one of Charleston’s premier Interior Designers.
Mollie spends her free time in the mud with her 3 wild boys, golfing, & learning as much as she can at all times.

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“Local designer has deep Daniel Island roots”

Born in Anderson, South Carolina, Mollie is a true grit.

“Interior designer Mollie Bean, could be considered a homegrown historian for Daniel Island. As a young girl Bean remembers her father, architect Chris McCarthy, bringing her to Daniel Island to hunt. We would go turkey hunting in the marsh, likely where my house now stands. Back-roading really, as there were only some dirt paths that led to fields, Bean said.

After spending 13 years in New York City, Bean decided to return to Daniel Island years ago and raise her family. In 2015, she started a successful interior design business, MB Within.

Previously she was a project manager for a high end Architecture firm in NY. She is able to mesh all aspects of her previous experience and design to have a seamless outcome.
For more information about MB Within, follow www.facebook.com/mbwithinmollie or visit www.mbwithin.com“.    News local-designer-has-deep-daniel-island-roots

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